How To Make Your Energy Bill Go Down

How to Make Your Energy Bill Go Down

How to Make Your Energy Bill Go Down… Along with the Temperature

Have you Heard???

Ways to help save energy! The cost of air conditioning a home continues to hit the homeowner harder each year. But sometimes, you can end up spending even more than necessary by overlooking energy wasters in your home that, in many cases, are easy to remedy.

A home energy audit can help by pinpointing these areas and identifying ways to cut energy costs. In fact, you can conduct a simple audit on your own by following a few recommendations from the Department of Energy.

Top 10 Ways To take Stock of Your Home Energy Use:

  1. Check insulation levels in your attic, exterior and basement walls, ceilings, floors and crawl spaces.
  2. Check for holes or cracks around your walls, ceilings, windows, doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches and electrical outlets
  3. Check for open fireplace dampers.
  4. Check caulking and weather stripping, and repair if necessary.
  5. Schedule an annual tune-up for your heat pump or air conditioner
  6. Seal and insulate leaky ducts to ensure that the airflow distribution system serving your cooling equipment is operating at peak efficiency.
  7. Clean air registers and vents as needed; make sure they’re not blocked by furniture, carpeting or drapes.
  8. Seal holes around plumbing and pipes. As higher temperatures start to set in, make an effort to set your thermostat as high as is comfortable.
  9. Or consider having us install a programmable thermostat that will automatically lower temperatures at night or during the day when the home is unoccupied.
  10. When you call us for a tune-up, ask for an estimate of how much you can save with a new energy efficient system.

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John Quinn is the Operations Manager of Quinn’s Plumbing Heating Cooling LLC of Reading PA. He has over 30 years experience in the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, water treatment and electrical fields, in particular with residential mechanical systems for small businesses and individual home owners. The reason Quinn decided to concentrate on his own business was because he loves what he does and it allows him to meet people and he enjoys a challenge, it’s a great chance to mix business with pleasure. Quinn earned his engineering degrees from The Pennsylvania State University in mechanical engineering through the VA higher education program. He is a 5 year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps and also a graduate of the Murrell T. Dobbins Technical High School Plumbing and Heating Apprentice Program in Philadelphia and is also certified a Master Plumber, Master HVAC Mechanic and Electrician. He lives in Reading with his wife Mary Quinn who is also his business partner. They have 2 adult daughters and 3 grandchildren. When he is not working, Quinn likes to scuba dive or work on his model train collection. John Quinn can be reached at , or by calling (610) 376-6001 or (215) 242-6329.