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Why Finance ?

How financing helps people upgrade their hvac system

This question comes up very often in our line of work. The cost of financing a new HVAC system today is very affordable and very easy. Most of the time we can get people approved in as little as 30 minutes. All you need to do is the following:
1. Have proof of income ( 2 pay stubs or your 1040 tax return)
2. Own your house for at least 6 months
3. Have proof of ownership ( mortgage or deed)
4. Have a credit score of 635 or better
5. Be willing to put a down payment of $500.00 or better
6. Choose how you want your terms ( 6, 12, 24 36, 48 or 60 months)
7. Interest rates will vary depending on length between 6% to 13%
8. Payments start at $59.00/month depending on your requirements.
Quinn’s use FTL Finance they are very easy to work with. Need anything else call us @ (610) 376-6001 or visit us by clicking here.

Neglecting your home’s plumbing system is just plum crazy.

Neglecting your home’s plumbing system is just plum crazy.

(And so is ignoring this letter!)

Dear Friend,

I know. You’re wondering, “Why do I need to read a message from a plumbing company when I don’t have any plumbing problems?” That’s just it. Most plumbing nightmares start slowly, silently ruining property before homeowners are even aware there’s a problem. Continue reading “Neglecting your home’s plumbing system is just plum crazy.”

SO…Who Protects the Health of the Nation?

Whether or not you agree this is becoming an epidemic which requires the skills of professional plumbers to solve. Not your everyday home improvement contractor. Hundreds of thousands of old and outed lead water lines need to be replaced.

During the 1880s, the transition from outhouses to indoor plumbing was moving at a rapid pace, starting with better homes and commercial buildings. The burgeoning market for indoor plumbing spurred some gasfitters and other metal workers to specialize in this work. The true craftsmen sought ways to distinguish those who knew what they were doing from those who didn’t. In 1882, a group of these new tradesmen in New York City banded together to form the Master Plumbers Association of New York. Shortly afterward, a like-minded group joined forces in Brooklyn. In 1883, the 125 members of the New York group formed the National Association of Master Plumbers (NAMP) to provide the public with a complete, safe and sanitary plumbing system. NAMP was the forerunner of the National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors (NAPHCC) which is the professional trade group today as we know it.

The motto of this group of Plumbers became “The Plumber Protects the Health of the Nation” which is still our motto today even more than ever given the growing concerns over drinking water safety in this country.

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That leaky pipe!

A pinhole leak is a small hole that develops in a pipe, causing a mist or stream of water to shoot out. In most cases, these leaks develop due to the pipe being eroded from the inside out.

Philadelphia and Reading Leak Detection

Leaky Pipes!

What causes a pinhole water leak?

A pinhole leak is a small hole that develops in a pipe, causing a mist or stream of water to shoot out. In most cases, these leaks develop due to the pipe being eroded from the inside out.

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New Water Heater

New Efficiency Standards Mean Big Changes in Water Heaters

What Does That Mean For You?

The federal government is mandating new efficiency standards for water heaters, effective April 16, 2015. The changes to the Energy Factor requirements certainly will increase efficiency … saving energy and lowering your operating costs!

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Price Shopping – Who Benefits?

Price Shopping – Who Benefits?

Everyone wants to know… “what’s your best (lowest price)?”guarantee-badge

Ah no, Here we go again. Yes I am saying this buzzword. Why, you might ask? Well, allow me to explain this to everyone from homeowner to professional plumber. Nowadays it seems like every day, we in the professions of plumbing, mechanical and electrical contracting are hit with this buzzword non-stop. What does it mean?

Good question, because I certainly don’t know but I think I have a clue. I am assuming everyone that I talk to wants an estimate with your best (lowest) price and there is the deal! Well allow me to explain the false sense of security with this practice. No two businesses are the same! WAIT A MINUTE…. Did he just say what I thought he said? Let me repeat that again,

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