Why Home Owner’s Use Quinn’s


Why Home Owner’s Use Quinn’s

What would you expect if you paid over a half a million dollars for a new home? traditional-bathroom

Would you expect to be able to take a hot shower in the morning?

This is what Mary and John expected from their brand new home. But they soon found out different after the first week in their new home that cost over $500,000.

“We thought we had just found our dream home but instead we wound up in a nightmare. Mary Taylor said, You see, I get up a bit earlier than John to get ready for the day. While I was making some coffee in the kitchen I heard John scream that there was no hot water!  To say that he got up on the wrong side of the bed would be putting it mildly. We didn’t know what to do. We called a friend of ours who told us to call JOHN at QUINN’S ,” she added, “When he came out and looked at the problem and said he could fix it today, we were skeptical to say the least.”

m-4-30t6fbn-3Apparently we only needed to make some minor piping changes that would correct the restriction in our hot water system. Also, we decided to upgrade to a European style, “Earth-Friendly-Endless Hot Water Heating System that NEVER runs out of hot water… It is really amazing! Even more amazing was that JOHN said that he could take care of the piping issues and install the new system today! We took a chance and told him to do it. The changes actually worked! Now we can once again finally enjoy a nice hot shower for as long as we want.

Call JOHN at QUINN’S  and they will do the same for you.

“Thanks JOHN and Thanks to QUINN’S  for letting us enjoy a cascade of warm wonderful water like we have always dreamed of!”


Mary Ann Taylor
Philadelphia PA


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Home Advisor Reviews
Home Advisor Reviews

We provide quality service for all your plumbing, heating, cooling needs with a service dispatcher on duty 24-hours for 365 days a year! Quinn’s professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured to warrant all work, materials, products, and labor for your home project. You can be rest assured you will know the price upfront before any work starts, and there won’t be any surprise charges after we complete your services.


Yelp Reviews

Yelp Review 3

10/29/14:  Our gas heater wasn’t working all summer. We didn’t need heat immediately, so I put off calling anyone since I thought it would cost at least $2,000 to replace.  Finally, my husband called Quinn’s like we always do for plumbing and heating repairs.  To our surprise he fixed it for less than $250.00 plus gave us a discount… WOW!  John at Quinn’s is always fair and won’t force anything on you that you’re not ready to pay for. Sure, we would love a brand new heater, but for now all we need is heat.  

Thanks John!


Yelp Review 11/8/13:   I hired Quinns plumbing for sub contractor work for finishing and rough plumbing on water lines,main drain and secondary drain lines they did a great job there so worth the premium rate. mr.quinns knowledge and experience helped me so much on my previous project words can’t express how thankful I am for there services plus,there heating and cooling expertise saved the day many times for me.

Thanks John 🙂


Yelp Review 25/1/11:  My washing machine tub wasn’t draining and had overflowed in the basement. The plumber came out on a Sunday afternoon, Wet-Vacuum the sink and the basement, snaked the drain repeatedly, and replaced part of a pipe that was older and corroded. The plumber was friendly and accommodating. There is an “emergency” charge, but it was worth it to me to have it taken care of promptly.

I recommend them.



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